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Redress Raleigh 2010

Redress Raleigh Eco Fashion 2010
All One-of-a-Kind Clothing
Screen Printed and Hand Dyed Bed Sheets Collection
Photography by Scott Bryant @ www.scottbryantsbook.com
Read the review and see more photos here

Pillow Case Tube Dress and headband
Hand dyed and Screen Printed
Two tone tights
100% Recycled Materials

Ocean Breezy Fairy Dress
Hand Dyed and Shibori Stitched- 100% Recycled Bed Sheets
Handwoven Plastic Grocery Bags- Market Basket

Indigo Island Outfit
all hand dyed with Natural Indigo Dye:

Tank- recycled, Screen Printed with Original Southern Heat Design
Flutter Skirt- dyed, screen printed
Rectangle Cardigan- jersey bedsheets, hand drawn images
100% Recycled Materials

Men's Naturals Shirt
Hand dyed with Logwood (purple) and Osage (yellow)
100% Reversible (screen printed on the other side) with Magnetic Buttons
Bedsheets and bamboo