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Men's Clothing Spring 2010

All men's clothing are made from recycled or sustainable fabrics (bamboo, hemp) and naturally dyed.

Here are some shots from the process:

Cutting out pattern pieces.
I use all sorts of things to weight down my pattern and cut them out on a
self healing mat with a rotary cutter.

Before:undyed fabric
I use pre-reduced indigo powered pigment
to dye my indigo pieces.

Madder Base
Indigo Panel

Indigo Base
Madder Panel

Osage and Madder Pieced together

Indigo Base and Panel
Recycled buttons

Osage Base
Indigo Panel

Recycled Shirt
Screen Printed

Indigo Base
Discharged Wood Grain Panel
Pieced with Logwood and Osage

Indigo Base
Madder and Coffee Panel pieced

Osage and Army Green

Recycled Shirt
Over Dyed in Indigo
Screen Printed

My booth at the American Craft Council Baltimore Show 2010

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