Artist Profile- Cameron Kramer

Cameron modeling for Riverbasin in a fall 2010 Redress Raleigh show case at the ReuseConex.

Interview: December 5.2010

River: How old are you?  When is your birthday?
Cameron: 18, October 30, 1992
Riv: Have you always been into drawing?
Cam: Always.
Riv: What do you like to draw the most?
Cam: Animals, Trees
Riv: What are your plans from here on out?
Cam: (graduate in Spring 2011 from Chapel Hill High School.) Go to a 4 year college majoring in Communication Arts (Commercial Arts)- Hopefully at VCU
Riv: While your in college, do you want to try something new?  A new direction?
Cam: I really want to become a success (working) tattoo artist, but that might never happen...
Riv: What kind of tattoos do you what to do when you're a professional?
Cam: All custom pieces, not stuff off the wall.

Riv: Well, has this project (drawing for Riverbasin) given you more incentive to work with other artist?
Cam: Yes!
Riv: How do you like a collaborate?
Cam: Having an idea but no set boundaries, like the way we did it, then bringing it to you to see what I could change.
Riv: What do you do on your free time?
Cam: Hang out with friend, eat food, a lot!  Summer time we hang outside a lot but it's kinda cold now...
Riv: What kind of bands/music do you listen to?
Cam: I really like Rancid, Citizen Cope, Elvis, The Rolling Stone...
Riv: Local Bands?
Cam: The Squirrel Nut Zippers, I don't know of many others.
Riv: What are your favorite restaurants?
Cam: Dominos, but I don't go out much.
Riv: You like pizza!
Cam: I like to get frozen ones from Harris Teeter.
Riv: You've been working a lot.
Cam: Yeah, at Boston Market.
Riv: What are you saving for?
Cam: College, another tattoo.
Riv: So you have tattoos, where are they and what are they of?
Cam: One is a snake wrapped around a fish in a traditional Sailor Jerry, Old School style tattoo. 
The second one is all my family's names in their hand writing.  I stole Meredith's [Cameron's younger sister who is a Riverbasin intern] name from one of her papers.  I got my parents to write their names down and I had to get my sister, Mimi, to write out her name Amelia, since she signs everything Mimi.
Riv: How would you describe your style?
Cam: Sloppy...mostly.. I can find some good outfits, I like wearing funky things.

Cameron with the original pen drawing of the Tree Buck.


Doodle marker tattoos

Meredith and Cameron at Festifall, Oct.2010

Cameron modeling a recycled sweater printed with the Tree Buck design she drew from Riverbasin Outfitters.

a note from River:
Thank You Cameron!  I love working with you and I'm already thinking of tons of ideas for the Spring. 
I really like our collaboration style, I just simple told Cameron of a design idea, she did a sketch, sent me an image, I sent her back revision comments, how she could change/modify it to fit my vision more and she sent me back exactly what I wanted!  For the second image, I showed her my inspiration after the first draft she show me so she wasn't over influenced by the images.