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Bicycle Pillow Case Dresses

The great thing about pillow cases is that they are so plentiful but a little bit weird to buy from the thrift store and actually rest our face on it through out the night.  So I designed this simple dress for reusing them! 
All pillowcases are dyed, boiled, screen printed and washed.

Small = 1 pillow case
Medium = 1 1/3 pillow cases (pieced together)

Bicycle Dress Collection

Bicycle Race Pillow Case Dress
(hand dyed and printed, reused pillow case, two pockets)

Traveling Road Cardigan
(dyed sweatshirt, snap button front closure, two pockets)

wonderful inspiration from Gini and Ari in Ireland.
Congratulations on the happy couple- these two are getting married!  Check back to see photos of the dress I'll be making for my best pal since we were 16 years old!  This is going to be fun!
best way to travel = bicycle

Bike Track Duffle Bag
(factory remnant corduroy, machine free-hand embroidered bike tracks, zipper top, bed sheet lining, pockets inside)