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Haywood Community College Portfolio 2009

I designed this fabric so I could cut the coat out from just 2 yards  of material.  I measured each pattern piece, the collar, the front pieces, the underarm gusset, the sleeves,etc, and drafted the designs on JacqCAD to fit just right.  Each panel of this coat is a unique design.  Turely one-of-a-kind and a sample of what an industrial JacqCAD loom can do as well as what a small family own mill will allow of an artist to try.

Jacquard Coat
woven at the Oriole Mill in Hendersonville, NC
Original fabric design by River Takada-Capel
(this coat was a part of an elective class in JacqCAD, my class mates and I got to visit and weave at the Oriole Mill at the end of the coarse.)
This pattern was drafted from a Vintage Coat I found at an antique store.
The front button decoration are found objects from a hardware store.  Inside there are giant snap buttons.

This coat is 100% Cotton, Made the USA, all yarns are processed in the USA.

Currently on display at Western North Carolina University's Fine Arts Museum.